Far Ings

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Male and female Goldeneye
I was pleasantly surprised to wake to yet another sunny morning today; bright, sunny, mild and calm. An ideal day for Far Ings. I packed my sandwiches and made the flask and quicly set off. Although the morning began clear and bright it gradually clouded over somewhat and became slightly hazy with a pearl effect to the light. Fortunately the haze later cleared. It was still, flat and calm in front of Ness hide and the reeds glowed gold in the early light. Highlights of the day were a couple of bearded tits displaying in the reeds in front of the hide and a very distant view of a peregrine falcon sitting in a hawthorn bush on the far side of the lake. I was absolutely delighted when a pair of goldeneye came across in front of the hide. These beautiful but elusive duck generally stay out in the middle of the lake.
Another excellent day!