Swallows and Sandmartins at Far Ings

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Swallow Far Ings
I treated myself to a full day at Far Ings today. It started bright and sunny but soon clouded over and turned into a breezy day. As always it was freezing in the hide which today was full of photographers. The marsh harrier made a couple of passes and we had a VERY brief glimpse of the bittern which Dave Newby was quick enough to grab a couple of shots of. The main interest of the day, however, was the large numbers of swallows and sand martins passing though. I also heard a willow warbler at the back of the hide. On the way home Dave and I called in at Worlaby Carrs hoping to see the short-eared owl. We were unsuccessful in this but did see another male marsh harrier although it was too far away for photographs.