Four Spot Chasers and Hairies at Messingham

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Four Spotted Chaser
Had a wonderful day today. I set off really early on a fabulous spring morning for Messingham Sand Quarry, Lincs wildlife trust reserve near Scunthorpe. This was another visit hoping for dragonflies and more damselflies. So far this year the weather has been too cold for dragonflies to emerge and so far there have only been a few damsels. I arrived at about 7.15 to a dew covered reserve and with mist still hanging over the lakes - beautiful. While waiting for Roger and Claire to arrive I had an intitial walk around all of the usual spots and found plenty of damselflies, mainly blue-tailed but no dragons. Birds were singing everywhere: reed warblers chattering incessantly in the reed beds, willow warbler and chiffchaff busy in the tree tops and the rich bubbling song of the garden warbler and occasional black cap. It was a superb morning. Once the other two arrived and were set up we began the serious search for dragonflies. At first we found only damsels: common blue, blue-tailed, azure and large red. Butterflies became plentiful as the day warmed up: orange tip, green-veined white, brimstone and the occasional peacock. We also later saw small copper and comma. Dragon flies were, though, again conspicuous by their absence until we explored the woodland path and found our first four spot chaser and later hairies. We didn't manage photographs of the hairies but we managed pictures and superb close views of the chasers. Close up dragonflies are fabulous creatures - flying irridescent, metallic jewels. Later in the day we met up with Dean and his father who were successful in getting photos of the hairies.
A brilliant day.