Marsh Fritillaries and Banded Demoiselles

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River Witham at Bassingham
Despite a rather indifferent weather forecast I set off at 9.00 for Chambers Farm Wood in between Market Rasen and Bardney in Lincolnshire. This is one of the Lincolnshire small leaved limewoods which are very special and now being managed for the limes and associated wildlife. I was meeting up with a group of other photographers from the Barton/Brigg area: Roger Hatcliffe, Dave Newby, Ben Pipe and Clare Drewell. As soon as cameras were unpacked and set up we hurried to Little Scrubs Meadow to look for the Marsh Fritillaries. It was rather cool at first and there were not many insects about but gradually we found one and then other 'marsh frit'. This meadow had been developed especially for these butterflies which had been reintroduced here. Like all fritillaries they are a beautiful orange and black patterned butterfly and photographs are included in the gallery section of this site. We were all pleased with our pictures and after lunch in the car park we set off for the River Witham at Bassingham between Lincoln and Newark. This is a beautiful stretch of the upper River Witham and we hoped to find banded demoiselles here. We were not to be disappointed they were plentiful. Again photographs are in the gallery.

Another excellent day spent in pleasant company.