Dragonfly feast at Messingham

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Brown Hawker male
Despite having been to Messingham yesterday I was on the road again early to meet up with Roger and as it turned out Mandy, Colin and Dave also turned out - nearly a party!! It was well worth it, however, despite the bad weather forecast and thunder showers. As yesterday the day began clear and sunny but clouded over and turned thundery by early afternoon. It was warmer then yesterday though and this perhaps accounted for the increased dragonfly activity. It was a real pleasure to get a good view of the green woodpecker early on and also to have sightings of buzzard and marsh harrier as well as hearing a tawny owl calling close to. The same dragonflies were on the wing with the addition of large numbers of migrant hawkers as the day warmed up. These, however, proved too elusive and didn't settle at all to have their portrait taken. Again the same butterflies were seen but also my first wall brown of the year although I didn't manage to photograph it.