A Cloudy Day at Whisby

Article text
Male Common Darter warming itself on a gate.
Hoping for a sunny day I had arranged to meet up with Roger and Dave at Whisby Pits Nature Reserve near Lincoln to photograph dragonflies. Unfortunately I had to go to a meeting first and by the time I caught up with the other two they had photographed the only migrant hawkers to perch for the day and the sun had begun to disappear behind the cloud. Dragonflies love the sun so no sun – no dragons. Several species were seen, however: brown hawker, migrant hawker and common and ruddy darters. There were quite a few damselflies about including emerald damsels which we did photograph. One interesting observation, though, was the abundance of huge juicy blackberries, another sign of late summer.
On the lakes were large numbers of coot and tufted duck many of which were still in eclipse plumage. A buzzard was heard calling and yet again there was a green woodpecker around. I should love to photograph this species.
No day is wasted, however, and yet again it was good to be out!