A Day out at Aberlady.

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The old footbridge over the Aberlady Burn.
In the middle of August we made the journey up to Edinburgh, partly to see some of the Festival which was brilliant – there is nothing like a buzzing city like Edinburgh at festival time – and also to see our son’s new flat. As Thomas was at work on our first day we decided to visit a favourite place: Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve. This is a reserve of dunes, headland, beach and mudflats; a wonderfully wild spot still within site of Arthur’s seat. It was a warm and pleasant day as we drove along the coast and we looked forward to our walk. We soon parked up by the beautiful old bridge over the tidal burn and set off towards Gullane Point. There were butterflies aplenty as we wandered along the footpath and Heather and our daughter Beth were fascinated by the large numbers of tiny tad and froglets hopping off the path in front of us. As we passed the large pond on the path I was surprised to see one of the resident swans still sitting on its nest. There was also a heron fishing in the shallows and unusually it didn’t fly off at my approach. Typical; if I had the long lens I wouldn’t have seen it for dust. Unusually it was still there on our return, this time asleep on a dead branch in the middle. There was no sign of the stone chats by the footpath crossroads that I generally see at Easter but it was pleasing to watch the common darters flitting along in front of us. A smashing day.