Lincolnshire Wolds Sunset

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Late sun on the Lincolnshire Wolds
I should have been out with the macro shooters today but the weather turned out to be wet , miserable and windy for most of the day. The maximum temperature only reached 16 degrees all day and the re was 9mm of rain. It was so miserable even the gardening had to be missed out. Instead I made the most of the bad weather and processed out many windfall apples into apple sauce for the freezer and enjoyed picking the beans, cucumber and tomatoes. We have tried to make the most of our small garden for growing some salad stuff and a few vegetables this year and have even been successful with aubergines. A very good friend also has plums and crab-apples that we have gathered so we are having a busy time producing crab-apple jelly with mint and rosemary variations as well as plum jam.
By early evening the sky had cleared somewhat and as there was a possibility of evening sun set out to take some landscape photos. While waiting for the light (good light is everything!) we enjoyed watching large numbers of black-headed gulls wheeling and tumbling in the wind. We also had excellent views of a muntjac deer and a couple of hares.
Whatever the weather it always good to be out and there is always something to see.