Early Morning at The Fitties

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Linnet on hawthorn.
Another missed day with the macro gang as I had a lunchtime appointment in town . I did, however, make the most of the fabulous late summer morning by being up and out early to go down to The Humberston Fitties. It had been our coldest night of recent weeks and the temperature dipped below 10 degrees for the first time in ages. It was a beautifully flat calm sunny morning however with a hint of early morning mist over the distant Wolds. It was good to see the lagoon at the yacht club full again after the drought – I can only assume that the recent heavy rain is responsible. Signs of late summer and the onset of autumn were all around: wheat fields heavy with grain and harvest in full swing, the hedges heavy with elderberries and blackberries, sea aster in flower on the marsh and large flocks of this year’s juvenile linnets and goldfinches feeding on the plentiful seeds. It was also a pleasure to watch the house sparrows feeding on the wheat field behind the sea bank – a bird that used to be much more common than it is now. Another sign of the changing season was the excellent view I had of a whimbrel, a small cousin of the more common curlew. We see them here as they pass through on autumn migration.