Red Grouse on Langsett Moor

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Red Grouse
On the way from taking our daughter back to Bangor University we called to see our friends and fellow wildlife photographer and his wife Judy. The plan was to head out to Langsett Moors to photograph red grouse. Unfortunately the weather was awful with strong winds and driving rain. However conditions improved somewhat during the afternoon and at 3.00 we decided to give it a go. It was only a short drive to the car park and soon we had shouldered camera bags and were heading out onto the moor. We headed for a sheltered spot by a tumbled down gritstone wall which offered some camouflage. We were rewarded with some wonderful afternoon light at this stage but sadly np grouse. The weather began to close in again and somewhat dispirited we decided to make our way back to the car. As we walked through the heather, though, we began to disturb grouse. One bird was tolerant of our presence and carried on feeding so we set up the equipment and slowly began to stalk. We were amazed at how close she allowed us to get. The light was poor but we were successful in getting full-frame shots. Eventually we called it a day and headed home to dry out wet gear and to look at our pictures.