Loads of activity at Far Ings.

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Bearded Tit
The weather forecast was excellent for today, although colder, so I planned a visit to Far Ings hoping to get photos of the heron that was regularly feeding in front of the hide. I was established in the hide by 7.15 but by no means the first there!! The light was fabulous and the sky blue and clear. It is amazing how cold it gets in that hide though especially with the wind blowing straight in as it was today. My fingers got so cold even with gloves on that at one point I hadn’t enough feeling to fire the shutter!!! Enough of the moans though because it was a super morning with loads of activity in front of the lens – heron, magpie, cormorant and kingfisher. We even had a flyover by an osprey – wonderful. I nearly had a major disaster though when I dropped my 7D with 500 lens attached on the floor of the hide. Fortunately no damage was done!!!
After a delightful morning I had to go to a meeting in Lincoln. On the way there along the old roman road of Ermine Street, the A15 I was pleased to see a pair of buzzards in the air. These magnificent raptors and becoming more and more common which is extremely satisfying. Another pleasing sighting was the noisy peregrines displaying around the cathedral.