Poor Weather in Norfolk

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Four Spotted Chaser taken at How Hill, Norfolk.
We had planned to spend the weekend in Norfolk staying in the caravan this last weekend. To celebrate my birthday I was hoping to photograph Swallowtail butterflies and Norfolk Hawker dragonflies. As the weather forecast was so dire, though, we decided to cancel. The forecast for Monday, however, was good so Roger Hatcliffe, Dave Newby and I decided to go down for the day. We left Roger’s at 5.00 am and as the journey progressed the skies cleared and we had high hopres for the day. It was not to be, though, as by the time we reached Norwich the clouds had covered the sky and there was a cool breeze. Undaunted we continued on to How Hill, arriving at 9.30. We were soon down on the reserve with our fingers crossed but, although there were a few dragonflies about we saw no swallowtails. We decided to cut our losses and headed to Strumpshaw Fen RSPB reserve. Sadly we had no luck here either. We walked all round the reserve but didn’t see a single butterfly, damselfly or dragonfly. It was not our day.