A Bitty Day

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Marbled White
A rather ‘bitty’ day today. Roger and I decided to visit Southrey Wood, part of the Lincolnshire limewoods complex, in order to look for the rare white admiral butterflies that occur here. Unfortunately a lot of forestry work has taken place and huge log piles are now all along the ride where the white admirals like to feed on the bramble flowers. Although we did see a few we didn’t manage to photograph any. We did see and photograph both male and female broad bodied chaser dragonflies though and also brown hawker.
From Southrey we drove the short distance back to Cmabers Farm Wood in the hope of grass snakes and common lizards. We were again unlucky with the snakes, the second time we had ‘dipped out’ out but I did manage to find and photograph a lizard as well as a female southern hawker dragonfly.
On our way home we called in at the Red Hill reserve above the Lincolnshire Wolds village of Goulceby. The speciality here in July is the marbled white butterfly which we found in good numbers. The ideal situation is to photograph these super insects on the top of a flower with wings closed. Easier said than done, but we did manage a few shots.