Crowle Moor

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Black Darter - female
The second day out in succession – this time a visit to Crowle Moor with wildlife photography friend Roger. We were hoping to see and photograph black darter dragonflies which are a speciality of this reserve. Again, as with our last visit, the most common insect was the voracious mosquito and yet again I finished up badly bitten. The weather was not as good as we had hoped and , although warm, there was a great deal of cloud which meant that insects were not as active as they are with the sun out. We did manage to find and capture images of the black darters, though, and enticed them to settle on the perches we had taken with us which meant that we could obtain plain, unobtrusive backgrounds to our photographs. Again there was a distinct lack of butterflies with only gatekeepers and skippers being easily found. I am sure that records will show that this has been a terrible year for these insects. Even garden buddleia bushes have seen very few. My other observation was how wet it still was here. Every time I go out this year I seem to finish up with sodden feet. We did hear both green and greater spotted woodpeckers calling which is always a delight.