Wonderful sunset.

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Heather and I decided to drive down to Mablethorpe for a walk along the beach and get fish and chips at the Clock fish and chip shop in Trusthorpe (to be recommended). Despite plenty of people being on the beach and in the sea there were good numbers of sanderling and dunlin on the tideline, some of the dunlin still in summer plumage. I love to watch the sanderling as they run around like clockwork toys, their legs moving so fast they are just a blur. They were, actually very confiding, which is typical when the 500mm lens is at home.
On the home along the coast road back to Grimsby the sun began to set. At first it looked as though it was going to disappear whith a whimper after suffusing a cloud bank with orange. As it dipped below the horizon, however, we watch the whole sky suddenly turn pink and red - amazing. Unfortunately we were by now passing through the villages of Saltfleet and North Somercotes and unable to stop. By the time I found some foreground interest at a place I could get parked, the best had gone, but I am still pleased with this shot.