A Bad Day at Far Ings.

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Male Sparrowhawk
After a long absence a kingfisher has again been appearing in front of the Ness hide at Far Ings NNR and fishing from the perches. I decded that it was time to go and attempt to capture some images for myself. Consequently I was up well before the sun was up and set out for Barton full of enthusiasm and excitement. This was dampened somewhat by the time I arrived; as it gradually became lighter i saw that the sky was dull and grey and it was beginning to spit with rain. Although I was the first to arrive I was far from the only photographer in residence. There were six of us at one point. I remained hopefull for a long time but finally gave it best after 6 1/2 hours. The compensation, and it was not a bad one was the arrival of a stunning male sparrowhawk in the small bush in front of the hide. Ah well, back to the drawing board.