A Morning of Autumn Landscapes

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Autumn in Irby Dale.
I had been watching the weather forecast for a suitable morning to get out for some Autumn shots for my OCA degree work. I was up early and on looking outside decided that it was perfect clear sky with a few clouds and the sun just rising. I had time for a leisurely breakfast as I knew the light would be perfect for the locations I was looking at about 9.00 am. Over breakfast Heather mused that, hopefully it wouldn,t be too foggy for what I wanted. Bemused I looked out of the window discover that a blanket of fog had rolled in. Horrified I quickly finished breakfast packed my gear and set out for my first location in the Lincolnshire Wolds a few moments from home. On arriving at Irby I wandered across to the chosen spot to find, despite clearing conditions as I left Grimsby, thick fog still obscuring the scene. Undaunted I decided to visit my other locations, all nearby, and return later. This I did, successfully making pleasing images in each one. I returned to Irby just in time to catch the final vestiages of the mist moving away - perfect! Interestingly, although some trees have taken on fabulous autumn tints, the ash trees in two of my locations were still green. Still I have insurance shots and will return at a later date.
All in all a satisfying morning especially as I spotted a late red admiral butterfly, a handsome male bullfinch and my first fieldfare of the winter..