Lindsey Tree Services Woodyard

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An early morning view of the yard and barn with poppies.
For some time now I have had a winter feeding station at this woodyard on the outskirts of Grimsby just 3 miles from home. Over the years it has been very fruitful with many of the images on the site taken here. I am also gradually building up a collection of photographs of the day to day life on the yard. This morning I arrived before anyone else in order to record the 'lads' turning up for work and also colmpleting some of the everyday tasks around the yard such as chainsawing timber and splitting logs. I am using some of these images for an assignment for my photography degree with the Open College of the Arts. As well as the above shots I took some very pleasing general shots in the early morning light and was also lucky enough to capture the wren currently featured on the latest images page as well as some shots of a robin nesting in an old kettle in the barn.
All in all an excellent morning.