Goosanders at Fisherharrow

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Female Goosander
I had had to spend some time with my son in Edinburgh to 'do' for him following a mountainbiking accident when he badly broke his elbow. I used the 'opportunity' to get out and about with my camera on a pleasant day of mixed sun and cloud with the odd shower and visited mouth of the small river Esk which runs out to sea at Fisherharrow, Musselburgh and then on to see what was on the srapes. I had often seen good numbers of birds at the mouth of the Esk and thought it would repay a visit. I was delighted to find around 40 goosanders here but all female. There were also large numbers of eclipse eider duck which puzzled me for a while.
At the scrapes there were large numbers of birds but as often is the case too far away for good photography. All in all though a very pleasant day.