Lindsey Tree Services Woodyard, Grimsby,Lincolnshire

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During the summer we converted our garage into a workshop/studio. This involved the replacement of our old garden shed to make way for a larger one. I took the opportunity to convert (I know a man who does!!) the old shed into a permanent hide for the woodyard. It's original use was as a playhouse for our children (now 18 and 21) and I still kept the name above the door - TomBet House. We had installed the new hide in the plantation a few weeks ago and had begun the winter feeding. Today was a fabulous autumn morning, if a little breezy. Much better then all the rain of late. It was very satisfying to be using TomBet House - a real home from home. Scott and two of the lads were processing logs and the occasional sound of the chainsaw and the thumping of the maul were a pleasant background noise. There were still quite a few leaves left on the trees which made it a touch shady in the plantation but the autumn colours were wonderful. There was a constant round of activity at the feeders. One or two blue tits and great tits were regularly going backwards and forwards and there were about 10 goldfinches squabbling over the perches along with the occasional chaffinch and dunnock. The robin put in an appearance and I missed a shot on the fork handle (just the one not four!!!). A wren was around and it came and sat on the hide opening for a fleeting second only inches away from my face. I could also hear the occasional redshank on the surrounding wet fields. There is a superb clump of milking bonnet toadstools on a log at the edge of the plantation.