Donna Nook and the yard

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I woke this morning early to a fabulous sunrise. I was soon ready and carefully negotiated the icy roads to Donna Nook where I arrived at 8.00 am. My friend from the Wildshots holiday, Richard, was already there along with seemingly hundreds of other photographers and seal watchers. Some seemed to have been there overnight and some had come from as far afield as Suffolk and perhaps even further. We were soon set up and on our way across the mile or so of saltmarsh, mudflats and beach to the tideline. We couldn't not find the seals - all we had to do was follow the photographers. Despite the numbers of people it was still an idyllic morning and awe inspiring to be so close to wild seals. All too soon it was time to return to the car and move on to the feeding station at the yard. Lunch sitting on the back of the car in the sun was blissful. What more could anyone want of life. After lunch we again had to contend with icy roads but we were soon established in TomBet House which I was keen to show off to Richard. It was a hive of activity at the feeders. The woodpecker put in an early appearance but sadly didn't stay. However Richard was undaunted and managed plenty of shots as you can see on his website (see links).
Another magical day. As Roger and Steve would say 'Living the Dream'!!!