Woodpecker and Longtailed tits at the feeding station.

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Male Great Spotted Woodpecker
It was a cold morning today with extensive cloud cover but nonetheless I decided to go down to the feeding station at the woodyard to see what was about. I was barely settled in the hide when I noticed a woodpecker flitting from tree to tree. I quickly set up the camera and lens and attempted to move on to the woodpecker stump but the bird flew off. Undaunted it soon returned and promptly settled on the stump and began to feed on the peanut pudding that I had wedged into crevices. I was delighted to see that this time it was a very handsome male bird with a red patch on the back of the head. I had carefully positioned the fat so that it wouldn't be seen in pictures and so was delighted with the shots I took. During the morning it returned several times much to the delight of my wife who also spent some time in the hide this morning. The other highlight of the day was the party of foraging long tailed tits that visited on a regular basis. By moving the fat block I was able to tempt them onto the perch where I wanted to photograph them and was pleased with the resulting pictures. These birds are very active and it is necessary to be very quick with the shutter release in order to secure pictures. The tree sparrows were back again this morning. It is a puzzle as to where they have been until now. Perhaps there has been good foraging in the fields and they only come to the feeding station when the cold weather sets in.

Another wonderful morning of nature photography.