Waxwings at Witham-St-Hughs

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Waxwing, Witham-St-Hughes, Lincolnshire.
Last Friday I had occasion to travel from Grimsby to Southwell to meet with my photography tutor. I had been aware for some time that there was a reliable flock of waxwings at Witham-St-Hughs and as it was on my way I decided to stop off and see if they were still about. I easily found the correct spot. Having navigated to the village itself, the exact location was given away by what looked suspiciously like another photographer lying in wait for them. I was correct in my assumption and the person in question was local wildlife photographer Dean Eades. I was familiar with Dean's work from the Lincolnshire Bird Club website and so was delighted to meet him. Being familiar with the area he was able to locate the flock and I managed about 15 minutes with them before having to continue my journey. These are magnificent birds and well worth the patience trying to locate them in 'wawing years'. Unfortunately the light was not at it's best and I only managed to get one 'keeper'. Still a wonderful experience.