Water Rail at Far Ings Nature Reserve, Barton, North Lincolnshire

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Dabchick in the rain
I had spent the morning applying on line for a student loan for my daughter and so was well ready for a break. Our friends Nigel and Jacqui Bishop picked us up at about midday and it wasn't long before we were sitting at the picnic tables at Far Ings having lunch. As quickly as possible I finished lunch, gathered my camera eqipment and headed for the Ness Hide. Unfortunately, although it had been a sunny morning it had now clouded over and even came some rain. The highlights were displaying great crested grebes and a pair of goldeneye. Earlier the marsh harrier had been flying and bitterns had been seen as well as three water rail in the field behind the hide. I was pleased however to be able to get some pictures of the little grebe right in front of the hide. To top off a pleasant hour or so Nigel and I managed to spot (though not photograph) a water rail in the field as we returned to the car. It was time for tea and stickies at the Ropewalk.