Marsh Harriers at Blacktoft

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Great crested grebe, Blacktoft
I had arranged to meet up with Richard at Blacktoft Sands today and was up early and arrived at 10.00 to find Richrd already there. We had hoped for good weather and although the sun came and went somewhat we had spells of superb light. As we walked towards the hides we could hear the blackheaded gulls calling raucously as usual but behind this the whistling of wigeon which sent a shiver down my spine. Along with the bubbling song of the curlew this is my favourite bird call - so evocative! There were a good number of birds about and we had a splendid day. There were two whooper swans which apparently had been there all winter and were having none of an aggressive male mute. Perhaps the highlight were the views of marsh harrier. Although we didn't have really close views for photography they were a delight to see. Another excellent day with good company.