Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Far Ings Reserve

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A view from Ness hide towards the Humber Bridge.
I had promised myself a whole day at Far Ings on the first day of good weather so I set off after breakfast on Monday 2nd March. I arrived at the reserve at 10.30 and after spending a few minutes watching the hectic activity at the feeding station I made my way over to the Ness Hide. Although the day had begun with a brilliant,clear blue sky, it was beginning to cloud over. However the sun continued to find its way through during the day giving some spells of super light. I stayed in the hide until 3.00 pm but the time was gone in a flash. It was generally an excellent day with plenty of activity, especially with the grey lag geese coming and going in noisy squadrons, but the hightlights were the view of the fox early on, the marsh harrier and particularly the courtship and mating ritual of the pair of goldeneye. I love these spectacular birds and it was a real privilege to witness this behaviour. A brilliant day.